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  • Every time you sew 5 tshirts to bags we give you 1 community service hour
  • Organize a sewing party with friends
  • We have many other opportunities for volunteering with us. Email us at

Pine Ridge Reservation (the Rez) is the biggest food desert in America. There is only one grocery store on the Rez, even though Pine Ridge and Rose Bud Reservations combined are bigger than Connecticut. Basic foods such as milk and bread are 44-94% more expensive and the store stocks hardly any fresh fruit or vegetables. A local organization, Re-Member runs a community garden called Feather II. Here they grow and donate naturally grown vegetables to the Oglala Lakota Native American people living on the Rez.

Each summer we volunteer on Pine Ridge Reservation with Re-Member. We build bunk beds, skirt trailer homes, build and install outhouses, porches, help on the farm and many other things.  

  • Three of the poorest counties in America lie within Pine Ridge

  • Average household income is $9800 per year

  • Average household size is 15-17 people

  • Most homes do not have electricity, running water or sewage

  • For more information visit 

Green Minds LFLB is a local environmental organization promoting a more sustainable way of life in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. Partnering with Green Minds LFLB and their Bring Your Own Bag Campaign, we are collecting old T-Shirts. We will make them into produce bags and donate them to Re-Member so they can be used instead of plastic bags, to hand out the fresh produce from the community garden. There is no waste management on the Rez so plastic bags are not recycled.

Please help us by dropping off your clean old T-Shirts or by volunteering to sew the T-Shirts into produce bags. It takes under 10 minutes to turn one T-Shirt into a reusable washable bag. Tax deductible donations are welcomed. Sign to either Green Minds LFLB (earmarked “t-shirt to bag” will cover our cost) or Re-Member (earmarked “Feather2” will help Re-Member expand their community farm).

Please email us for more information on the t-shirt drive, about volunteering on the Rez or donations.

Pilamaya - Thank you

Jacob McEvoy & Josca Schabacker
Lake Forest HS Class of 2021


Week 1:

Collected 50+ bags from neighbors 

Collected 60 t-shirts at Farmers Market in Lake Bluff

Collected 75 t-shirts from Deerpath Art League

Sewed 89 t-shirts into bags

More than 3000 visits to this page in 4 days

Week 2:

Sewed more t-shirts into bags. Have completed 110+ t-shirts to bags

Engaged 3 new volunteers to sew for us

Set up 4 new collection points in Lake Forest

Picked up t-shirts around town

Where mentioned in the DPM newsletter, and DPM will support us on Community Service Day

Where mentioned in the Lake Forest International Club Newsletter

Week 3:

Continued sewing bags and collecting bags from our drop off sites 

Received donation from AYSO 163 of t-shirts

Received our first financial support

Contacted local companies for support

Week 4:

Received donation from NVA - New Vision Athletics

Received donation from UPS on Western Avenue in Lake Forest, of a large collection bin

We have completed 151 bags and collected 734 t-shirts

Reached 4383 visits to our webpage in our first 4 weeks


Week 5:

Completed 189 bags in total

Received 2 boxes and a bag of t-shirts through DPM

DPM students sew 112 t-shirts to bags on community service day

Green Minds hosted a sewing party for us

Month 2:

Collected 1400+ t-shirts in total

Completed 637+ t-shirt bags in total

5500+ visits to our webpage

Reached 50+ volunteers working on t-shirts to bags

Lake Bluff Middle School Environmental Club collected 200+ t-shirts

26 8th grade students + 2 teachers from Lake Bluff Middle School volunteered to sew from us

We started making dog toys out of the t-shirt scraps - instructions to follow.

We have made 35 dog toys so far. Donors and volunteers can get free dog toys by emailing us.

We delivered the first 637 t-shirt bags to Re-Member

Josca spoke to 250 people about the T-shirt to Bags project at Re-Members 20th Anniversary

Month 3:

We continue to sew t-shirt bags

7000+ visits to our webpage

Month 4:

We are taking a break during Finals and the Holidays. Will start up again soon.

Received 257 t-shirts from REI Coop


We continue to partner with community groups and Lake Forest International Club and Green Minds LFLB are hosting sewing parties

Lake Bluff Middle School environmental club continue making dog toys and collecting t-shirts for us

We are receiving donations from Green Congregations and other community gropus. We have collected 2000+ t-shirts and sewn about 1400 t-shirt bags.

Our dog toys are being given away to donors and volunteers and LBMS delivered 2 boxes of dog toys to Lambs Farm.

Other community groups are beginning to use our idea and the t-shirt bags are now being sewn at Highland Park Library.

We continued our project and are speaking at local schools and clubs about our project. We are learning that old t-shirts are a huge problem for many to get rid off and most are not accepted by donation centers but actually sent to the landfills.


We continue to sew t-shirt to bags and have created 

Earn Community Service hours

Would you like to collect t-shirts for us? Print the "t-shirt to bag" flyer below, attach to a bin and place it at your local gym, workplace, school or a favorite store. Remember to always ask for permission from the owner or manager. Tell us where to advertise your pick up point. Collect your bin and email us so we can arrange how to get the t-shirts from you. 


Sewing Volunteers NEEDED!
We are both sewing t-shirt bags but also masks for the reservation. Each t-shirt is repurposed into 1 reusable produce bag + 2 washable double layered masks.

Harvest Time at "Feather II"

Harvest time at “Feather II” with our Ambassadors, Kristin and Ted! Shout out to Josca and Jacob. Donate now to support the "Feather II" project:

Posted by Re-Member on Monday, September 30, 2019