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Cleaning your washing machine

Bad smells and bad washing results often happen because of lime and dirt deposits as well as germ formation inside the washing machine. There are home remedies and a few simple steps to clean a washing machine and maintain it environmentally friendly and effective. 

Pull out the detergent compartment regularly and clean it. Especially at the bottom of the drawer a lot of germs accumulate, as well as behind it. Clean the drawer from all sides with a VINEGAR or CITRIC ACID solution and a brush, or put the whole tray in the dishwasher at a not too high temperature. An old toothbrush also reaches into the corners of the compartment and in the shaft of the machine.

To thoroughly clean the interior of the washing machine where germs as well as lime residues affect the heating elements and shorten the lifespan of the machine, a simple basic cleaning helps. You do not need expensive special cleaners, simple household VINEGAR is completely sufficient. Regularly add a shot of table vinegar instead of fabric softener, thus your washing machine will automatically be cared for and you can save on intensive cleaning.

Leave the washing machine door and the detergent compartment open after use. This allows the interior to dry and reduces the risk of mold and germ formation.

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