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Green Minds LFLB is of the opinion that since children are the most vulnerable members of our community we should at all times err on the side of caution.

Green Minds LFLB position is that those with the responsibility to protect the health and wellbeing of the community have a duty to explore the safest alternatives for the management of public spaces and schools.

We therefore recommend our schools to always look for opportunities to reduce chemicals or other possible toxic material around our children. Chemicals and toxic materials should only be used in schools when no other alternatives are viable, and then we still ask that our schools always look for the least toxic solutions.

Green Minds LFLB also ask that our schools rolemodel good citizenship and teach our children about current environmental issues, teach the children how to garden, compost, recycle and taking care of our community.  We also recommend that the schools upcycle snack bags, drink pouches etc with companies such as Terracycle. Green Minds LFLB will be happy to help coordinating such efforts. 

Green Minds LFLB urge the local schools to set up environmental health committees that can work actively towards reducing our children's unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals.

Green Minds LFLB has been working with local schools to reduce and ban styrofoam, on NO idling campaigns, and recycle projects. LFHS students and LF College students have attended Green Minds workshops and Green Minds LFLB is always interested in collaborating with local schools on how to make our community more sustainable.

‚ÄčIf you would like to volunteer working with greening our schools in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff please email