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In Spring 2015 Green Minds LFLB partnered with Swalco and Kiddles in Lake Forest. We succesfully collected over 100 pairs of shoes, which Swalco repurposed, upcycled and recycled. Thus reducing the amount of shoes ending up in the landfills.

In our attempt to reduce the amount of landfill waste and tax payers money Green Minds LFLB partnered with the City of Lake Forest to teach residents how and what to recycle. In Spring 2015 we revamped a recycle display for the City and during the Summer of 2015 Green Minds attended several Farmers Markets with the Display. We also used the opportunity to promote the composting at home and sell the Earth Machines for the City of Lake Forest.

Green Minds LFLB and the City of Lake Forest received a lot of compliments and thanks for helping people understand recycling better.