Businesses that are Participating in the BYOB Campaign and giving incentives to patrons bringing their own bags:

Lake Forest East:

The Daily Grind - $0.10 off when you bring your own reusable bag.

Evereve on Market Square - Evereve is excited to support Green Minds and our customers who support "Bring Your Own Bag" effort. We will host a bi-annual event where all who bring their own bag will receive a 15% discount on their purchases at the event. Make sure to sent an email to pledge that you will bring your own bag when shopping in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff and you will be invited

Forest & Found - Discount to customers bringing their own bag. Will be announced later. 

My Eye Dr supports BYOB with Green Minds LFLB. Skip the bag for a free My Eye Dr eyeglass cleaning cloth.

Penny's From Heaven - incentive to be announced in January

Sage Explorers - Free Reusable bag on Small Business Saturday for patrons spending $30 or more.

Valentina - incentive to be announced in January

Lake Bluff East:

BeMarketdo not give out plastic bags. You can pick up a Green Minds reusable bag at the store/restaurant, and of course drop off a donation to Green Minds LFLB.

Businesses that support the BYOB Campaign:

Sustainable Commitee at Village of Lake Bluff

Lake Forest East


Dimitris Jewelers


Sara Cambell

​Lillie Alexander

The Mustard Seed

The Initial Choice

Blink Optical

The Lake Forest Resale Shop

Lake Forest Frame & Design Studio

Lake Forest Library

​Kiddies Sports

Lake Forest Hardware

Lake Forest Chocolaterie - Bernards - also sell palm free chocolate

Lake Bluff East

Whitehead Studios

Peg Ann Kompany

Bluffington Cafe

Twigs Florist

The Clockworks

Hub & Cycle

Lake Bluff West

Angelo Liquors

During the Covid-19 pandemic we would like to sent special thanks to Marianos for having dedicated check out lines for customers bringing their own bags and bagging themselves. And to Costco for having staff wiping carts between each customer and encouraging customers to bag in their cars into their own bags. Thank you for keeping your patrons safe. Let us know if you know of other stores that should be recognized!

To learn more about safety visit during the pandemic our Bring Your Own Bag webpage

Lake Forest Collaborative for Environmental Leadership Members are:

Call Us: +1.8472352305
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