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Green Minds LFLB is committed to reduce landfill waste thus reducing valuable tax money.

We believe that Food Waste is a big problem that easily can be reduced, while at the same time help reduce hunger.

According to USDA in February 2014, 133 billion pounds food (1/3 of available food supply at the retail and consumer levels) went uneatean in 2010. UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) estimate that this food waste equals to more than 20 pounds of food per person per month.

At the same time the United States spends about 1 billion dollars a year to dispose of food waste. Organic waste is the second highest component of landfills, which are the largest source of methane emissions.

There are many ways to reduce our food waste.

At home we can think about what and how much we buy, eat what we buy and that way safe a lot of money on our food budgets. What we have to discard we can compost at home and/or, as many people choose, keep a few backyard chickens that can eat all our food scraps.

Restaurants and Cafeterias can donate what they don't use to local soup kitchens or food pantry's. Restaurants can serve smaller servings and not "force" customers to overeat or throw food out. Restaurants can encourage patrons to take doggie bags home with their left overs. And lastly, restaurants can participate in food compost programs. Some even partner with local farmers and bring their food waste back to the farms to be composted there.

Supermarkets can keep lower inventory and donate good usable products to local ReFoods programs. 

ReFoods is a new program Green Minds LFLB is working on. We have asked local supermarkets to participate and hopefully we will be able to launch this program soon. Basically, we will pick up food from supermarkets they can't sell (it has reached the "best buy" date). We will bring these groceries to Food Deserts (neighborhoods without grocery stores, often located in low income neighboods) where we will offer them at a fraction of regular cost. We hope to help low income families get easier access to healthy food for their children, while at the same time reduce Childhood Hunger and Food Waste.

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Photo taken March 2nd 2016 in the back of a supermarket in Madison, WI

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