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Winning poem written by Emma LeGrand

2020 - Green Ribbon Video

Earth Day 2022! 

Earth Day 2021! 

It took a special effort this year to celebrate Earth Day — due to our current shelter-in-place guidelines. What happened instead was a virtual gathering of community, sharing thanks for what each of us appreciates about sustainability and our environment here in Lake Fores and Lake Bluff. 

Thanks to everyone who took part and contributed a snippet to this LFLB Green Circle. In the end, we had close to 70 submissions, and unfortunately, it was too many to include in the final video. Special thanks to LFHS students Tegan and Lauren for helping put this video together.

Example ideas for yearly 2022 Act for Earth intentions:

2021 - Poem Competition Video

For Individuals

- Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving a car for errands and visits (saves harmful emissions)

- Use reusable bags, cups and utensils (uses less plastic)

For Families

- Make rags out of old worn out clothing, consider using as 'paper towels' or shop rags

- Have fun learning about the trees and shrubs growing on your property or near where you live.  What other species depend upon them? What role do they play in the local ecosystem? 

For Organizations

- Build a little free library book exchange and stock it with books your group members have read and want to pass on to others.

- Set up a collection box for oral care products that are used daily but are not accepted in curbside recycling (toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes and dental floss packages). When the box is full, contact to arrange a pick up and these items will be sent to TerraCycle where they CAN be recycled

We're thrilled to say we've worked with local students to have an original poem written for our 2021 Earth Day celebratory video! Our winning poem, ”Miracles of the World”, was written by Emma LeGrand of Lake Bluff Middle School.

Special thanks to our 3 judges; Alderwoman Rummel, Lake Bluff Library Children's Department Chair Eliza Jarvi and Lake Forest High School English Department Chair Kristen Carlson. We are fortunate and appreciative to have the support of so many community members within the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff area who helped us create of this Earth Day celebratory video.

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